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Population Dashboard

Population Dashboard service is available on the Singapore Land Authority's (SLA) OneMap website. It is the result of overlaying 22 data sets - including age group, ethnic group and economic status - from the Department of Statistics on SLA's mapping data.

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Planning Areas/Subzones


  1. Category

    Use Dataset Selection to select the Category you’re interested in.

  2. Map

    The Map is fully interactive - you can pan, zoom, and select planning areas by mouse or touch.

  3. Search

    The Search control lets you search for almost anything. Type the first part of an address, or a dataset name, and select a match using your mouse, keyboard, or by touch.

    Ex: Try typing Ang Mo Kio

  4. Year

    The Year controls let you control the year being shown on the map and in the Bar Chart.

  5. Data Controls

    Use these buttons to toggle the base map, or clear any selected areas.

  6. Dataset Value

    The Value of each dataset is shown here – for the area you’ve selected on the map, and for the country as a whole.

  7. Themes Explorer

    A Theme is collection of locations of government related services/facilities contributed and maintained by a partner agency.

    Ex: Select desired theme from Add Themes menu to display it on the map.

  8. Charts

    The Bar Chart acts as a legend for the map and also shows the density of the data - the taller the bar, the more planning areas are in that range. The dashed line represents the median value.

    The Line Chart, if available, shows the trend of the dataset over time.

  9. More Information about the Data

    More information about the data used in this application can be found in the following publications, which can be downloaded from the Statistics Singapore website at www.singstat.gov.sg:

    - Population Trends
    - Census of Population 2010 Statistical Release 3: Geographic Distribution and Transport
    - Census of Population 2000 Statistical Release 4: Geographic Distribution and Travel, if available, shows the trend of the dataset over time.

  10. Definition of Planning Boundaries - Region, Planning Area and Subzones

    Definition of Planning Boundaries - Region, Planning Area and Subzones Urban redevelopment Authority (URA) divides Singapore into 5 regions, namely Central, West, North, North-East and East Regions. Each region has a population size of more than 500,000 people and provide a mix of residential, commercial, business and recreational areas. Each region will be served by a Regional Centre to complement the activities in the Central Business District.

    The Planning Regions are divided into smaller Planning Areas. There are a total of 55 Planning Areas in Singapore with each Planning Area having a population of about 150,000 and served by a town centre and several neighbourhood commercial/shopping centres. The number of Planning Areas within a Planning region ranges from 6 to 22 depending on the distribution of population within the region.

    Each Planning Area is further divided into smaller Subzones which are usually centre around a focal point such as neighbourhood centre or activity node. There can be more than 10 Subzones within a Planning Area

    The size of each planning area and it's Subzones varies depending on the land uses, proximity to the Central Area, existing physical separators like expressways, rivers, major open spaces and other demarcators. See more at: www.ura.gov.sg/maps/: